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Executive is the most recent range of quality leather bags added to the Boheme family.

The Executive Collection is dedicated to our Top grain Buffalo range and full grain Cowhide hide bags.

Our Buffalo hides are sanded or buffed ever so slightly in order to allow the leather to change patina over a short period of time. Always changing from lighter to darker, you will enjoy the old vintage look within 6 months of use.

The Cowhide (all in black) are our softest of leathers with a smooth and fine finish, giving this range the ultimate professional look yet being incredibly hard-wearing.

  • Alexander 16″ Black Cowhide Leather Messenger Bag

  • Alexander 16″ Leather Messenger Work Satchel Bag

  • Auspicious 16″ Dark Buffalo Laptop Satchel Bag

  • Auspicious 16″ Light Buffalo Laptop Satchel Bag

  • Commander 16″ Black Handmade Leather Work Satchel Messenger Bag

  • Commander 16″ Buffalo Leather Work Satchel Messenger Bag

  • Executive 16″ Black Handmade Leather Satchel Work Computer Bag

  • Executive 16″ Handmade Leather Work Satchel Computer Bag

  • Metropolis 16″ Handmade Leather Black Backpack

  • Metropolis 16″ Handmade Buffalo Leather Backpack

  • Tigger 11″ Buffalo Leather Ipad Sleeve Zip Case

  • Tigger 15″ Black Cowhide Leather Laptop Case